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Metering Stations
The general design of an installation starts with the specific requirements. Is it only metering, or is pressure regulating involved? Is the medium clean or is it required to be cleaned, is the contamination subject of particle pollution or liquid? Any need for analysing? Custody or non custody transfer? It is obvious that all installations are different, and need to be designed according typical specifications, or in other words, each installation is unique. Our aim is to design stations which are easy to install and if possible exist out of transportable modules.

Together with the client we can engineer/design/produce/install and commission:
  1. any type of metering station/system fully in accordance with client specifications, on- and offshore
  2. Gas filtering systems (particles and/or liquids) with cartridge filters, cyclone scrubbers, demister vanes etc. To protect the downstream equipment against dust and solid contaminants, dry gas filters are often used. A dry gas filter consist mainly out of:
    • Vessel
    • One or more filter elements
    • Manhole for maintenance
    • Quick opening closure or flanged cover
    • Differential pressure indicator/alarms
    • Pressure indicator
    • Pressure relief and drain connection
    Furthermore, also liquid removal or a combination of dust/liquid filtration is possible
  3. Gas preheating systems with water bath heaters or shell & tube exchangers, with hot water or steam as heating medium
  4. Custody transfer Flow metering systems for oil, natural gas or industrial gases, with:
    • Turbine meters
    • Single- or multi-path ultrasonic flowmeters
    • Rotary/positive displacement meters
    • Differential pressure (orifice or venturi) meters
    • Coriolis meters
    • Annubar
  5. Pressure- and/or flow control systems with pneumatic, electrical or hydraulic control valves, pilot-operated pressure regulators, safety valves etc.
    The primary function of a gas pressure regulator is to reduce high-pressure gas in a process line to a lower, usable level as it passes to another piece of equipment. They can also serve to maintain pressure within a system. However, a regulator is not a flow control device. It is used to control delivery pressure only. All installations are designed with the goal to achieve the highest possible accuracy and reliability.
  6. Medium and low pressure gas distribution filtering/metering/pressure reducing stations, skid -mounted or prefabricated in a cabinet or container
  7. Electronic metering/station control systems, SCADA/HMI systems and general automation
  8. Process quality analysis systems (e.g. chromatograph systems)
  9. Supporting steelwork, skids, platforms, stairs and ladders
Metering Systems
We supply metering and proving equipment as integrated systems, they are designed based on the application and operational requirements, to function as an integrated system, and then carefully fabricated, assembled, wired and tested. Bringing all these elements together is our Engineered Systems group, which has overall responsibility for all the required design, engineering, construction, testing and startup activities. Our systems are not only carefully integrated for long-term accuracy and reliability, but they are also delivered on time to meet our customer schedules.

Typical projects
  1. Natural gas.
  2. Ethylene, propylene, LPG.
  3. LNG.
  4. F(P)SO offloading systems.
  5. Custody transfer ship
  6. loading/unloading systems.
  7. In-line blending installations.
  8. Meter proving systems.
  9. Energy metering systems

Provides engineering services for:
  1. Basic and detail engineering
  2. Concept/process engineering.
  3. Software/systems engineering.
  4. Project management.
  5. Transport
  6. Commissioning and start-up assistance.
  7. Training (practical and theoretical, on site or in office)
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