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Custody Transfer Flow Metering Systems

Assembling  turnkey skid mounted solutions

GGS is specialized in design and assembly of turnkey skid mounted solutions, which offer a wide range of advantages during installation, commissioning and start-up phases, because valves, equipment, instruments, piping, mechanical, electrical , etc are preassembled at workshop, making on site installation easier.

GGS designs and manufactures Custody Transfer Flow Metering Systems for Gas and Liquid applications.

These systems are manufactured in line with the latest international relevant standards and with the most reliable design.

The complete system design and detailed engineering complimented by proper sub vendor selection ensures a high level of measurement accuracy, which is the primary requirement of Custody Transfer Flow Metering Systems. Our metering systems comprise of filtration, pressure reduction, metering section and also enjoy the flexibility to be interfaced with external systems like flow computers, gas chromatographs etc.

All are sourced from the best makes available globally

Stations are:

  • Pre-fabricated
  • Tested
  • Painted
  • Skid mounted (as far as techical possible
  • Cabled

Why GGS:

  • Expert in gas metering market
  • Flexible and easy to reach support
  • Long term experience in those applications
  • Highly valuable and competent knowledge center in Belgium (local partner in UAE for ICV and local manufacturing)
  • In house manufacturing -> high quality installations
  • In house service and validation team
  • Experience in gas metering, gas analysis, auto sampling and data control
  • Experience in LNG sampling/analysis and in-line metering

Where can GGS be your partner:

  • Custody transfer metering installation for natural gas, condensate and LNG
  • Custody or non-custody metering installations for BOG (vapour return gas) to f.e. DFDE or GCU boilers
  • Custody metering installations for LNG loading.
  • Metering and analysis for bunkering
  • Pressure reductions installations
  • Flow control installations
  • Filtering installations
  • Gas analysis packages, (C6+, C9+, HC and H2O dwp, H2S analyzer and Total Sulphur, Mercury analyzer, Oxygen, density and specific gravity,..
  • Gas manual or (semi) automatic sampler.
  • LNG analysis packages, manual or (semi) automatic samplers for LNG
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